The war in Ukraine - Together we help each other

The war that is going on right now in Ukraine is terrible. Families are falling apart and people must flee for their lives.

We want to do what we can to help

A start is that we have donated 100 000 SEK to UNHCR. If you have the opportunity, we would like to encourage you to donate a small penny, regardless of the amount, every amount counts.
Donate a gift here:

In addition to donating money, we want to help people who need to flee to Sweden to integrate into society. We want to offer them the opportunity to get a job and earn a living. We therefore welcome people from Ukraine or other affected countries, to apply for a job with us at Bofint. When employed with us, we help with the contact and communication with the authorities, we provide prepaid salary and help with other parts that are needed.

To apply for employment with us or to recommend someone who needs a job, we ask you to provide your contact information in the form below.

The cleaning industry contributes to increased integration

It is a fact that the cleaning industry reduces unemployment and develops the working life of the future. Together, we create jobs in the industry, educate and bring people together in the workplace. The cleaning industry contributes to inclusion for employees and makes everyday life easier for customers.

We at Bofint want to give all people the opportunity to contribute and develop. Since the start, we have employed people from different countries, with different origins to give everyone a chance to integrate into Swedish society. Today we are about 80 employees from 16 different nations. We are proud to create a wonderful corporate culture that provides an understanding of different backgrounds and perspectives.

We work completely according to the industry standard for collective agreements and pensions. But we are also trying to do more. Therefore, we gather our employees to hang out together. Our idea is that you do a better job if you feel comfortable in your workplace. For us at Bofint, "human" is a value word that we value.

We are proud members of Almega. Almega represents over 11,000 companies in about 60 industries that employ over half a million employees. They are stating on their website that 9 out of 10 jobs in the last decade have been created in the service sector, which we think is fantastic.

Almega has written an article about questions and answers about the war which you can read here:

We want more companies to follow in the same footsteps when it comes to creating a labor market for every individual. Together we can increase integration in Sweden. We urge everyone who knows someone affected who needs a job, to contact us and others who read this, to spread the information further, Thanks in advance, together we help each other.